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Process says ‘no’ – or why I won’t be buying from Hawes and Curtis anymore

25 Jul Hawes and Curtis

Are you a firm believer in procedure or do you occasionally put your brain in gear and think creatively once in awhile? I find that middle-management especially in retail, are often the least creative when it comes to thinking when the job calls for the opposite. Continue reading


What to expect when she’s expecting

7 May

Yesterday I was sitting down with a couple of friends over a beer (non-alcoholic mind!) and barbecue in unusually great weather when the conversation worked its way round to fatherhood. One of the party was having a baby and she asked that we didn’t give the dad-to-be, the lowdown of what to expect. As if I would do such a thing! Continue reading

Crofton Park Baptist Church

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The family that prays

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