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Memories of my father

15 Dec

I remember getting the call that my dad had passed first thing in the morning just days before my sister’s birthday and feeling nothing. No grief, anger or any emotion whatsoever; just a feeling that someone had knocked the stuffing out of me. Continue reading


What chicken pox taught me this week

16 Feb

It’s interesting watching the stages your kids go through as they grow up, how your relationship with them changes. Continue reading

Gifts without the gift receipt

18 Jun dadkids2

Father’s day is done; the one day in the year we get those gifts, assortment of cards and kind words. This year I didn’t get that mini fridge stocked with beer or a Bugatti espresso maker, I got something better. Continue reading

What to expect when she’s expecting

7 May

Yesterday I was sitting down with a couple of friends over a beer (non-alcoholic mind!) and barbecue in unusually great weather when the conversation worked its way round to fatherhood. One of the party was having a baby and she asked that we didn’t give the dad-to-be, the lowdown of what to expect. As if I would do such a thing! Continue reading

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