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Conversation on the 172

9 Jan

“Which phone is that?” Funny conversation opener from a complete stranger which opened a range of possibilities depending on who’s being asked or indeed, who’s asking. Continue reading


The price of getting involved

10 Jun toddler crossing

I mentioned in my last post about Benugo at Waterloo that I do like to get involved in things I care about. I’m about to add road safety to that list. Strange topic for a petrol-head like me, but then again, is it really? Continue reading

Worth waiting for – Benugo’s mocha

7 Jun benugo lamb wrap

I’ve been told recently that I love attention, I disagree (of course) but if that’s true I’m probably going to be the last one to know aren’t I? In my mind however, I like to think of more along the lines of getting involved. That’s one of the reasons why, if I really like a place – and yes we’re talking coffee here – I get involved.

Continue reading

Don’t look back in anger

13 Apr mocha

There’s never a good reason to leave the house in a hurry even if you feel you need to get some space, air or whatever it is that recalibrates your thoughts. I had one such event today which not even Arsenal’s win was enough to lift my spirits the way it should have. I won’t go into why I felt the need to leave in that manner, there’s a time and place for all that but I tend to channel that energy into doing something productive. It could mean catching up on work or dealing with those red flags in my inbox I never seem to completely clear. Continue reading

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