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Process says ‘no’ – or why I won’t be buying from Hawes and Curtis anymore

25 Jul Hawes and Curtis

Are you a firm believer in procedure or do you occasionally put your brain in gear and think creatively once in awhile? I find that middle-management especially in retail, are often the least creative when it comes to thinking when the job calls for the opposite. Continue reading


So you want to build a website

28 Jun website building

We’ve come a long way since websites were magnolia coloured pages with Comic Sans or Times New Roman type and the greatest amount of interactivity were the animated gifs and scrolling text. Building a good site might seem a lot more complex now but it’s really quite simple. Here are a few things to bear in mind. Continue reading

Deal with it! – stopping a complaint before it starts

27 Jun don't complain concept

I just had an interesting conversation with the admin staff at my daughter’s school, similar to the kind you might have at the doctor’s surgery with reception, or the returns desk at B&Q, and it made me realise how easy it would be to prevent people from complaining about your service. Continue reading

Iconia A1: a first look

24 May

I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to buy a tablet you need to know what you really want to get out of it. The Iconia A1 fits somewhere between the budget tablet and the iPad mini so if you’re looking for a value for money device, with great Android features, then this should tick the box. Continue reading

How to stifle creativity

30 Apr

For some, creativity suffers from one fundamental problem; it sometimes leads you into uncharted territory but on the flip side it does get you noticed.

So if it’s such a good thing then why am I writing about stifling it? Call it reverse psychology. I’m hoping commissioning clients, project managers and even creatives might stop doing what they often do, and instead give creativity room to breathe.

Continue reading

Communicating for creatives made easy.

18 Apr

The beauty of the Internet is that if you’re looking for something, chances are it’s out there already. Just in case it isn’t, this article is my take on the common pitfalls facing creatives when it comes to the cold hard business of interacting with something other than a keyboard or slate.

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