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Dreamweaver CC and the future of software delivery?

21 Jun

Adobe launched their latest version of Dreamweaver to rapturous applause from some tech blog sites. The canapés must’ve hit the spot then. Continue reading


How to stifle creativity

30 Apr

For some, creativity suffers from one fundamental problem; it sometimes leads you into uncharted territory but on the flip side it does get you noticed.

So if it’s such a good thing then why am I writing about stifling it? Call it reverse psychology. I’m hoping commissioning clients, project managers and even creatives might stop doing what they often do, and instead give creativity room to breathe.

Continue reading

Graphic design without the (micro)chips

19 Apr Stuart Patience

There’s no point taking a day off work if you haven’t got something to do with it. I’m always drawn to London’s South Bank as it’s a visual and aural feast, especially when the weather’s fine. Today I decided to cross the river to Somerset House and see wha’ gwan at Pick Me Up, the Graphic Arts Festival. Continue reading

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