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Making soup exciting again

17 Jun Soup can make you thin

You wouldn’t have thought soup recipes would be appetising at any other time than winter but the moment I opened up Soup Can Make You Thin – The Cookbook, I had a sudden urge to go out and buy a new pot. Continue reading


Brains not included – Fast and Furious 6

4 Jun Fast and Furious 6

There shouldn’t be a point to reviewing a movie with a number greater than 2 in the title but some things just have to be shared. Warning: may contain spoilers.

Watching the opening scenes you could be forgiven for thinking you just wasted your popcorn money (unless you took the precaution of bringing your own) but if you’re here for the screaming engines, squealing tyres, scantily clad girls and biceps then you’re in luck.

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Stir it up!

3 May

I’ve been sent a pack of Marley Coffee for my sins (read ‘love of coffee’) to try out and whilst I wouldn’t normally drink anything I didn’t see ground before my eyes I thought I might give it a go. Continue reading

The Politician’s Husband

28 Apr

I’m a fan of Emily Watson and David Tennant mostly because of his ‘jumpy’ acting and expressive facial movements but I’m not so sure about their pairing here. It’s hard to imagine him as a cabinet minister or scheming politician and even the makeup and hair to make him older doesn’t quite do it. It is equally hard to imagine Emily as the subservient, supportive Politician’s wife. I do get the feeling that the casting was necessary for where this is heading as Tennant does a very good ‘moody’ performance and Watson does ‘ruthless’ very well.

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Where to find proper coffee in Nigeria – part 2

21 Apr Oga Simon

I did promise you a second part to this topic and never let it be said that I’m not a man of my word. So we continue our coffee pilgrimage in South West Ikoyi at:

Oga Simon

Oga Simon at the Jazzhole courtesy of John murrayglobal wordpress

The Jazz Hole, Awolowo Road, SW Ikoyi

I do love this place but sadly, not for its coffee. The setting however, makes up for it. The Jazz Hole as the name implies is a music shop that sells CDs, books and vinyl of mainly jazz and what some would call world music (I don’t get it either; I just call it music). I’m guessing it’s been around forever as I remember walking past it on my way to school many moons ago when Ikoyi still had trees, houses were houses and not boutiques. Continue reading

Graphic design without the (micro)chips

19 Apr Stuart Patience

There’s no point taking a day off work if you haven’t got something to do with it. I’m always drawn to London’s South Bank as it’s a visual and aural feast, especially when the weather’s fine. Today I decided to cross the river to Somerset House and see wha’ gwan at Pick Me Up, the Graphic Arts Festival. Continue reading

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