Dreamweaver CC and the future of software delivery?

21 Jun

Adobe launched their latest version of Dreamweaver to rapturous applause from some tech blog sites. The canapés must’ve hit the spot then.

One mentioned the ‘new’ features available in this offering like Fluid Grid Layouts, which correct me if I’m wrong, already exist in CS6. To be fair, there are some cool new features (that’s the appropriate adjective taken care of) such as the integration of TypeKit, the CSS designer and the Source Code Pro for code view, but I feel the upgrade is aimed more at moving the user to Creative Cloud Adobe’s subscription service. Nothing wrong with that right? What happens when you unsubscribe though? How do you access all the work you’ve done using CC? Even the sync feature which should allow you to access your files when working from other machines is still ‘coming soon’.


I’ve been a big fan of Dreamweaver way back when it was a Macromedia product and users’ views were actively taken on board. Adobe have done great things with the product especially with competition from blogging software like WordPress and DIY websites from hosting companies such as 1&1, but the forums show little evidence of listening to the user feedback.

I have a feeling the subscription model will alienate users even further and can only hope that Adobe put a bit more thought into this. You see, I’ve learnt to trust Adobe a lot less since they pulled the plug on their TouchApps for iPad like Proto (one of the reasons I got the tablet in the first place), so they’re off my Christmas list for the forseeable.

Increased bandwidth available to Joe Public might be one of the reasons for this shift to subscriber only, but not everyone is on 40mbps. It could also be a way of making life harder for software piracy but again, this could be seen as a sledgehammer walnut scenario.

green download enter button key

The failure of the ChromeBook to make a dent in the market and Microsoft’s recent u-turn over backwards compatibility with older games and the prerequisite to be connected to the internet, only goes to show that you can’t push the world too far, too fast. A friend remarked that it is more difficult carrying out simple tasks in Photoshop 6 like applying 50% grey fill, than it was using CS5.

So in response to the age old question that keeps cropping up “Should I upgrade to the latest version of Dreamweaver?” No, not really. You might find it would make better economic sense to learn to code properly.


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