Brains not included – Fast and Furious 6

4 Jun

There shouldn’t be a point to reviewing a movie with a number greater than 2 in the title but some things just have to be shared. Warning: may contain spoilers.

Watching the opening scenes you could be forgiven for thinking you just wasted your popcorn money (unless you took the precaution of bringing your own) but if you’re here for the screaming engines, squealing tyres, scantily clad girls and biceps then you’re in luck.

Vin Diesel

Fast and Furious 6 is back to make money; there can be no other reason for watering down the street racer theme of this franchise and attempting to make it into an action movie. The title sequence references to previous F&Fs, and the ability to bring actors back from the dead with some lame explanation as to how it happened only makes the producers look more desperate or the viewer more gullible. Tried and tested formula of increasing the body count exponentially, increasing the firepower along with the collateral damage and your sequel is complete.

Hobbs, played by Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson is trying to catch a gang of terrorists with superlative driving skills so obviously he’ll need the services of Dom’s (Vin Diesel’s) crew to catch them. Yes I know; street racers sent to apprehend ex-special forces. Most of the action is set in London which is great as this probably the disused warehouse capital of the world right now and what better place to tune your motor than a disused warehouse right?  The narrow streets weren’t made for street racing but that would be the reason why we only get one street race in this movie and even that one doesn’t have a finish.

The Rock

For entertainment the car chases aren’t exactly Ronin but a considerable number of police Vauxhalls get trashed, a high speed tank gets some action and if you’ve seen the trailer you’ll know that a monster Russian airplane, the Antonov, redefines the phrase ‘playing chicken’.

If you’ve missed the banter between Tej (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) there’s plenty of that. Not delivered with the flair and timing of Robert Downey Jr but it gets the laughs in.

So what’s my beef about the opening scene? I know you’re supposed to leave your brain in the foyer when watching this movie, but did they really think I’d believe the scene showing Thames House and Lambeth Bridge with the Kremlin spires in the background was really Moscow? That’s like compositing Aso Rock on Staten Island and calling it Abuja, The Interpol headquarters also bore an uncanny resemblance to the UCL Senate building. That and staging a street race in the Mall wasn’t exactly pushing the boundaries of authenticity.

Fast and Furious 6 is on general release so if you’ve got nothing better to do with your Orange Wednesdays, go watch it.


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