Say my name, say my name

3 May

Apologies to Destiny’s Child (you too Mrs. Carter), but that was the first thing that popped into my head when I listened to the Today Programme this morning. I have no intention of becoming a political blogger but that’s going to be difficult if I keep listening to Radio 4 in the morning.

It struck me as strange that throughout this week, Tory politicians have found it difficult to say ‘UKIP’ as if saying it out loud would prove their existence. Er, it would be nice to credit us with a brain cell or two. As we know from the election results that they do exist and people are listening.

This morning Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman, did manage to get it out of his system an incredible two times when pressed by Evan Davis and only when discussing them in the negative. It may not be as extreme as dubbing out Gerry Adams voice on news bulletins, but I can see similarities.


No not really, but mainstream politicians would do well to rerun yesterday’s BBC breakfast episode where one of the pet office peeves of most people surveyed, was ‘office speak’ (my term) instead of English. People want a straight answer to a straight question, even if it is coming from UKIP.


No, lighting hasn’t struck me. UKIP! Nah, still here.

If you were wondering “Is he a UKIP sympathiser?”, all I’ve got to say about that is I read the Guardian. UKIP stand for everything I don’t believe in; their views on immigration and especially lifting the smoking ban.

Well that’s quite enough politics for one day, I’m going to get back to writing about coffee or something.

By the way all thoughts are my own; I do have a brain cell.

Gagged man


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