The Politician’s Husband

28 Apr

I’m a fan of Emily Watson and David Tennant mostly because of his ‘jumpy’ acting and expressive facial movements but I’m not so sure about their pairing here. It’s hard to imagine him as a cabinet minister or scheming politician and even the makeup and hair to make him older doesn’t quite do it. It is equally hard to imagine Emily as the subservient, supportive Politician’s wife. I do get the feeling that the casting was necessary for where this is heading as Tennant does a very good ‘moody’ performance and Watson does ‘ruthless’ very well.

In case you were wondering, The Politician’s Husband takes off from where The Politician’s Wife left off (go figure) and in the first episode, Moynes, Tennant’s character has just resigned in a bid for leadership of the party and enlists the help of his best mate to support him.

This being Westminister I wouldn’t be giving anything away if I said his friend doesn’t play nice and Moynes career hits the skids. His wife played by Watson takes his place as Secretary for Work and Pensions as part of a plan by Moynes to get revenge through the back door. That doesn’t work out either and Freya (Watson) betrays her husband, live on Andrew Marr with Kirsty Wark in the chair. You can see where this is going so no spoiler alerts required.

It might look like a drama about what happens in Westminister but works equally well as what happens when the dynamics in the home changes and the other partner now becomes the principal breadwinner.

The first serving looks entertaining enough so I would recommend it if you want some distraction for your commute (iPlayer) or light watching for your Thursday evening.

The Politician’s Husband airs on BBC2, Thursday at 9:00pm.


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