Help! I’ve turned into my dad!

28 Apr

I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there in the vast Interweb there’s a paper on research into why we never listen to our parents then end up acting like them. Remember that famous mantra: “eat your greens so you can grow up healthy” or in my case “eat your eba and stew or I’ll give you a hiding” (same thing really). I find myself using that line more often than not nowadays with varying degrees of success.



Kids are programmed to test their boundaries and wriggle out of it with the “I’m full Daddy” or the “My tummy hurts” and my personal favourite “I’m allergic to green beans” (what do they teach them nowadays?). To be fair that’s the only wriggle room they get, I had the advantage of eating eba which is a great adhesive and sticks well to the underside of the dining table. No my dad wasn’t impressed and made that very clear. Ouch! (I mean ye1!).

I do find however, that another trick my dad used on us has an even greater success rate. I call it the ‘best before’ reward as it comes with an expiry date. I simply serve up the healthy main course with the dessert at the same time (ice cream is very effective) and follow it up with “eat your greens before your ice cream melts”, works everytime.

I’m just doing my bit to raise healthy kids so don’t judge me; we all grew up in different households non? For instance, I was raised to appreciate a meal, any meal (read ‘deprivation’) so I don’t understand parents (read ‘mums’) who ask their kids “what would you like to eat love?” – I thought that question was reserved entirely for dads. Then get into a state, about the amount of work they have to do to sort out fights and prepare n different meals, where n is the value of the number of kids you have. As I tell the missus (otherwise known as ‘er indoors’ or ‘the boss’), “If they’re hungry they’ll eat it.”

Trust me, I’m a dad.

1 The Yoruba version of ‘ouch’.


3 Responses to “Help! I’ve turned into my dad!”

  1. Koko Puffs April 28, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    haahaaaaa! i love this! particularly the Nigerian references (eba and deprivation) and the ice cream strategy (which cracked me up!! i’ve never heard of that but i can imagine it is quite effective and a strategy i will surely employ when my time comes!!)

    • cokefour April 28, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

      Glad you like it, the ice cream strategy is practically fail-safe. đŸ™‚


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