That’s a sandwich? Seriously?

15 Apr

Working around Millbank does have its downsides when you’re looking for an interesting place to eat within a one hour lunchbreak. It’s not exactly Shoreditch with the range of ‘world food’ on offer from the Truman Brewery or Spitalfields food market (what’s left of it). Borough Market with its duck and venison sandwiches isn’t round the corner and don’t get me started on finding decent coffee.

So that leaves the sandwich bars and cafes on Horseferry Road where come lunchtime, they get overtaken by all the civil servants and Channel 4 staff in the area. Sapori‘s is an interesting cafe just across the road from St John’s Gardens, which does quite a wide range of food from pastas to sandwiches and wraps and a carvery.

The counter spans the length of the left hand wall with the tables tightly packed together (floor space must be at a premium in this area) in a dark but not unpleasant interior. The tables have chairs on one side and a bench running the length of the wall on the other. Prints showing paintings of coffee and all things Italian adorn the wall, possibly as a futile effort to brighten the place up or more likely to get you to buy more coffee.

I squeeze into a tight space between two parties who’s badges identify them as working for the Department of Transport and order a roast in a bap; my inner Willy Wonka is intrigued as to how you can possibly get a roast between two slices of  bread.

The bap arrives and I get the impression that eating this ‘Man vs Food’ style sandwich could get messy; pork (nicely done), roast vegetables, salad, roast potatoes (you read that right), apple sauce and something resembling a fritter all combined to make a tasty sandwich.  The downside to eating a bap like this sans bib, is the inability to get up and go back to work afterwards, it really is that filling. I recommend getting it as a takeaway and eating it at your desk, that way you won’t need to move for the next four hours. Might be a good idea to clear your calendar and avoid meetings where you are expected to stay awake, for the rest of the day.

Other notable treats on offer are the beef wrap, again very filling, tasty and smothered in a white sauce of which I am yet to determine the constituents and the range of pasta dishes. Sapori are big on portions and even their tuna salad is massive; I had enough for one lunch and the what was left formed the greater part of a family dinner. The salad itself consisted of rocket, tuna (naturally), roman lettuce, olives, hard boiled free range eggs and olive oil and balsamic dressing.

Word of advice, get there early if you want to eat in, as the lunchtime rush is not for the faint-hearted.


One Response to “That’s a sandwich? Seriously?”

  1. Clara April 15, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    Just feel its not healthy have a salad:-)

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