Don’t look back in anger

13 Apr

There’s never a good reason to leave the house in a hurry even if you feel you need to get some space, air or whatever it is that recalibrates your thoughts. I had one such event today which not even Arsenal’s win was enough to lift my spirits the way it should have. I won’t go into why I felt the need to leave in that manner, there’s a time and place for all that but I tend to channel that energy into doing something productive. It could mean catching up on work or dealing with those red flags in my inbox I never seem to completely clear.I had planned to drop in at the office and pick up the camera for an event tomorrow and maybe catch up on my assignments so I jumped in the car, drove to the station and got on the train to Charing Cross. I’d gotten as far as Charlton before the list of things I’d forgotten started to stack up.

You know what it’s like when you’re on the train and people start whipping out their tech, you feel the urge to join them before they start thinking you’re square (yes we still use that word) or you live a deprived life. So out comes the phone and you join in the communal practice of time-wasting, playing temple run – or in my case a Windows game that bears striking resemblance to Bejewelled.

Phone, check.

Then someone starts chatting too loudly on their phone so you (OK, I) bring out the headphones to drown out the inane chatter about something to do with the colour of someone’s nails. I have these really cool Bluetooth headphones from Celaris, which I suspect are really Skech headphones in disguise but at least they stop me garotting or tripping up commuters when I’m getting in and out of trains with the corded ones I used to own.

Headphones, check.

Press and hold the power button for five seconds to turn it on and connect to the iPad then another short press to start playing, with any luck it’ll be Evanescence’s ‘The Change’ rather than Mariah Carey’s Christmas offering which I still haven’t deleted after organising the Christmas party.


iPad, not present.

Ah well I’ll just go and get the camera then, at least it won’t be a complete waste of time.

Building pass, not present.

This is not looking good; I’m almost at London Bridge and the journey is looking wasted.

“Scuse me, could you tell me how to get to Chiswick?” a voice pipes up behind me. “Get off at Waterloo East and take a train from the mainline station” I offer. I had by this time decided to pick up a mocha at Benugo’s at Waterloo Station then head home, that way it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.


“You’re welcome” I reply.

“Is that the mainline or tube” She asks again. Ah, this could take awhile. “Mainline. I’m getting off at Waterloo East, I’ll show you the way.”

Waterloo East and we embark, walk up the ramp and I’m having visions of that mocha already. As we approach the barriers I direct her further. “You’ll need to turn left outside the barriers, head downstairs and check the departure board.”

“Are you heading that way too?” She asks and I’m thinking #weird. “No, I’m getting a coffee and heading back to the platform”.

“Oh it’s just that I haven’t got a pass to get through the barriers.”


I’m not one to condone fare avoidance (we all say that when publishing stuff don’t we?) yet I had to balance that with abandoning someone who was probably stranded or running away from something. “You’ll need to keep in step then, but if you don’t get through…” I swipe, stride through and somehow she manages to get past the barrier too right in front of the ticket attendants.

“I’ll walk you through the gates to the train but after that you’re on your own.”  No point in going halfway on a good deed now is there? Platform 18, double gates, swipe and we’re through. “OK, take care and save your phone battery for when you get to Chiswick” I offer as part of my sage advice. “Thanks, not many people would have done what you did” she says with tears welling in her eyes. True, bad things happen when you help a stranger bend the rules. It’s true I watched it in the movies.

OK, time to beat a hasty retreat and get that coffee from my Ricardo at benugo and hop on a train back home to do something productive. Ten minutes later I have my mocha in hand and I’m on a train full of Millwall supporters on their way home after a defeat by Wigan.

Best not mention my Arsenal affiliations then; anger always produces strange and unexpected outcomes.



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